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  • Jasmine Hills Villas & Spa is purpose built for short and long stay guests especially those ‘Baby Boomers’ who want to retire in Chiangmai. Located outside the city limits in the village of Doi Saket, Jasmine Hills is within easy reach of quality shopping, medical services and tourist attractions.
  • Jasmine Hills Villas & Spa is owned by Jasmine Hills Suites Co. Ltd which is a Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) approved project under the Health and Wellness for Retirees category.
  • This is a full resort, not a housing estate.
  • Contact us for long stay leases from 10 to 30 years with Guaranteed buyback arrangements if the lessee wants to give up the lease contract prematurely.
  • Earn income whilst you are away; the management can rent out your long lease unit during your absence. For those who do not want long term commitments, 1 to 3 year leases are also available. Daily, weekly and monthly accommodation rates are available like any hotel.
  • Long stay rates are a lot cheaper than staying by the day. Monthly rentals start from THB 30,000 per month during the low season to THB45,000 per month during the high season for the Superior Villas.
  • Yearly leases can be as low as THB 30,000 per month for 12 months. This includes the use of all facilities within Jasmine Hills Villas and Spa.
  • 30 year leases are as low as 15,000 per month. If the lessee is not around, we could rent out the property at the above mentioned rates. Guaranteed buyback arrangement can also be made during the contract negotiations.
  • The same applies to 10 year leases.
  • Lease agreements can be willed to a beneficiary and joint leases are also available.
  • All units are fully furnished together with amenities like cutlery, crockery, bed sheets and towels provided. A lessee can walk in with just a suite case.
  • Depending on the lease agreements, free use of water and electricity can be optional.
  • Monthly and yearly leases include housekeeping services and there is no monthly maintenance fee. Maintenance of the garden and common area is the responsibility of the resort.
  • House swapping arrangements can also be made with long term Lessees.
  • Friends and relatives of lessees will enjoy discounts up to 50% of rack rates according to the seasons.
  • Short stay from 1 day to 30 days are also available in the Mali Sorn, Mali Wan and Mali La chalets.

I am looking at a New Active Livng Concept for Senior Citizens.

Our parents and sometimes their siblings expected us to look after them in their old age. Today, things have changed and we have to plan to look after ourselves. I do not expect my children to look after me.

Being a Senior Citizen myself I know what I want and I am hoping that others will join me to set up our dream community

At this stage in life, I know what I want:

  • I want to enjoy life without spending too much.
  • I want to live in a community of like-minded people who can gracefully grow old with me. To talk to laugh and share our worries together and most of all, to help each other at the time of need.
  • I am used to the good life, enjoying good food, moderate drinking, exercises, travelling, Karaoke, playing cards, pool, golfing and the good life list goes on.
  • My wife likes spa treatments with quality massages, facial treatments, manicure, pedicure, milk baths and spending time with friends shopping and high tea in the city.
  • I want to be in a position where I have a choice. I can be alone or spend time with friends or acquaintances.
  • I want to live in a place where friends from home can visit me. My children, grandchildren and other relatives can come as often as they like. Air fares must not only be cheap but also frequent.
  • I want a place where religion, race and sexual orientation do not matter.
  • I want a place where cheap medical treatment is available. Sometimes, medical insurance disappears when you need it most.
  • Just in case, I also wanted the assurance that if I need Nursing Care, it is available. I want to be treated very well when I am no longer feeling well.
  • The place I live in must be totally safe whether in my house or outside. I do not want to be mugged, burgled or robbed.
  • I want a place where I can feel at home. Living in Chiangmai is very informal, most of the time our guests walk around in shorts and slippers.
  • I want a place where the Management is able to attend to my needs. I need staff to understand my needs and most of all to carry out their duties professionally.

In short, I wanted a Retirement / Nursing home with full resort facilities. Most important of all, it must be cheaper than living a normal life back home.

Jasmine Hills Suites Co. Ltd. Is a Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) approved company to build a Resort for Retirees and people who are disabled or require nursing care.

Many foreigners had been worried about the political situation in Thailand but having lived and invested money here for 7 years, I feel it is as safe politically as Singapore. Thailand had been caught up in the middle income trap with slow growth over the past 2 years. However, things are about to change with a new King on the throne and the Government policies of fighting corruption and fighting social ills like human trafficking and the sex trade.

Tourism accounts for a significant portion of Thailand’s GDP and increasing “Long Stay” visitors is a crucial part of the equation.

Jasmine Hills Suites, a 100% foreign owned company with shareholders from Malaysia, Japan, UK, Germany, Singapore / China and Australia; had been given the right to own its freehold property 100% without the need for Thai Partners.

Sending money in or out of Thailand has never been a problem. If you can prove you sent so much money in; you can take the same amount out. Anything more is subject to withholding tax and also you need to prove where the money came from.

Chiangmai has a very low crime rate with petty theft almost nonexistent. I have never heard of snatch thieves or robberies here in Doi Saket, Chiangmai. JHVS has been operating for more than 7 years. There is no door from the main road to Jasmine Hills and our 42 inch LED TV is still sitting on the shelf! I don’t think you can do this even in Singapore.

I have succeeded in building a community of foreigners who have invested in Jasmine Hills Suites to build it up to where it is today. They are from Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Germany, Australia and Japan.


Paul Soh & Dolly Wee Paul Soh – Managing Director
Dolly Wee - Director Malaysian speaks Japanese
Steve & Sally Reilly Steve & Sally Reilly – UK
Retired bankers
Ryoichi & Mizu Kurosaki Ryoichi & Mizu Kurosaki – Japan
Dolly’s son and shareholder
Jerry & June Lee Jerry & June Lee
Formally from Penang Australian
Hideaki & Ching Kurosaki Hideaki & Ching Kurosaki – Japan
Dolly’s son and shareholder
Roger Chia & Rebecca Liu Roger Chia – Singapore - Hotelier
Rebecca Liu – China - Lawyer


Masa & Chika Masa and Chika are responsible for developing our main target market for the nursing home which is Japan. The Japanese style of doing things is regimented and I have no doubt they are a good addition to our team. The Japanese we are targeting are retirees who have lived and worked overseas before. Those who want to live life to the fullest before they have to return home for Government subsidized care. Masa is a chef and Chika had been working for Thai International Airline and Lufthansa. Masa’s mother is a nursing care provider.
A qualified Physiotherapist Our Spa and Massage facility is operated by Wan who is a qualified Physiotherapist. She has to ensure that the masseurs are properly trained and the spa operations are above average. Other services include manicure, pedicure, facial treatment, bamboo massage, tok sen, herbal ball massage and lymphatic massage. We also have detox and weight loss programs.
Amori’s yoga Amori’s yoga journey began 10 years ago when she was living in New York City. Her first encounter with yoga at the local gym was to relieve lower back pain. She discovered how Yoga helps her not only overcome physical challenges, but also maintains the balance between spiritual and material world. Amori is a certified instructor for open level at all ages with experience in class sizes of 1-70 people. She earned her teacher certification from Yoga to the People where strongly believes yoga is accessible for everyone.